Amanda   & STUART
June 24th, 2017

The Bride and Groom


So one night I was on my laptop working on lesson plans and of course I had to take a Facebook break. I had a message from a co-worker and as I was reading it I noticed that there was an “other” folder and next to it was a (1). I was so confused, but curious. Upon clicking on the folder I found a message from Stu Feldt. I wasn’t quite sure what to think as we had never really talked much before. So I read the message and then immediately texted my best friend, Katie. (Katie’s brother and Stuart were friends in grade school.) Stuart said in the message that after seeing me at the game the other day he was wondering if we could grab a drink sometime.

What game? I immediately flash back 3 months ago to when my mom, Katie, and I ran in to Stuart, Brian, and his parents at the Cardinals game. I was talking with my mom and Stuart’s mom and Katie and Stuart were talking. We were talking about their recent trip to Florida and Katie and Stuart were talking about Katie’s brother, Nick.

Fast forward 3 months... I could not believe that this message was sent 3 months ago and I was just now seeing it. Well, apparently because we were not friends on Facebook the message went into the “other” folder. I felt so bad! Katie insisted that I respond. I gave it a day and then responded. Of course me being me, waited about an hour for a response back before I sent another one...with my number this time. Stuart FINALLY responded to my message...I mean it only took him like 2 hours! :)

A few days later Stuart sent me a text asking to come join him and his friends down at Ballpark Village to watch the Cardinals clinch their division. No way was I going to drive down there by I didn’t go! Ha

We texted throughout the whole next week and of course I am also texting Katie, pretty much giving a play by play. Katie and I decided we would go to Sybergs the following Friday to watch the Cardinals playoff game and totally played it off like that is something we normally do...which is definitely not! We were really just planning a way for me to hang out with Stuart! Well, he came and the three of us had a great time...even though Katie and I both said no to ordering a beer bucket and had waters!

I guess drinking water didn’t turn Stuart off because the following Wednesday the two of us went on our first “official date”...where I ordered chicken fingers and a lemonade. Stuart was quickly coming to know me and my ways. We hit it off again and sat and talked for quite a while at dinner.

The following Saturday we went to the Cardinals game and now several Cardinals games, chicken fingers, waters, and lemonades later, I guess you can say the rest is history.

The “other” folder on Facebook is the best thing that has happened. God only knows if we would be where we are today if I never saw the message from Stu Feldt.


Amanda and I never officially "met" for the first time. I always knew of their family - they sat in the first row of their section at St. Joe. Additionally, I played trumpet (1st) with Kevin in band and my brother Brian was in Amanda's brother Jake class. So you could say we knew of each other.

When we saw Ellen, Amanda, and Katie at the cardinals game I pretty much solely spoke to Katie. I was good friends with her brother Nick in grade school and was catching up with how her family was. Anyway, I didn't think much of it throughout the game, but got home later that night and decided to check her out on Facebook.

Her account was pretty much locked down except for a few pictures, but it did say that she was not in a relationship. So I decided to message her to see if she wanted to get a drink sometime. I figured we had just seen each other, so it wouldn't be totally out of the blue.

The LeGrand's are notoriously early for events. This doesn't apply to Facebook messages.

Weeks went by.

I remember seeing her in church in her usual front row pew, thinking to myself she could at least just say 'no', I could take it. She wouldn't even look over awkwardly as if she had seen it, she was basically not acknowledging that I had ever existed.

Months went by.

At this point, I figured I wasn't going to hear from her and chalked it up to a loss. A few weeks later, I get the ping notification of a Facebook message. I opened it and it was from Amanda. She basically apologized for not seeing the email and responded again giving me her number after I didn't respond for about 20 minutes.

Katie, Amanda, and I decided to meet up at Syberg's to watch a Cardinal's game. It was Friday night and I believe the NLDS, so it was packed, loud, and hard to find a table. We ended up getting a table and I suggested ordering a bucket of beer before the game started. I was met with two firm no's. I think I got the bucket anyway.

I don't think either of realized that less than three years later we would be getting married.


Any day that Amanda has off of work she is always thinking of ways to possibly go have lunch with Stuart. Tuesday, March 22, 2016 was no different. Amanda was on spring break and they had decided that they would have a picnic in Forest Park on “Picnic Island”. Forest Park is just about 5 minutes from Stuart's work so this was a perfect place to meet, and also the place they went for their one year anniversary.

They met down at Picnic Island and ate lunch. After lunch Stuart asked Amanda if she wanted to go walk around for a bit. Well, they didn't make it very far. They stood up and with that Stuart was getting down on one knee asking Amanda to marry him! Amanda does not remember the “will you marry me?” part, but remembers the “are you serious?” part before saying yes!

It was the best moment and one Amanda least expected on a Tuesday afternoon. Stuart had taken off the rest of the day and they soon celebrated with their families!



St. Joseph Cottleville Catholic Church
Cottleville, Missouri

Saturday, June 24, 2017 2:00 PM
Reception to follow

St Joe Church



Katie Holzer
Katie LeGrand
Aimee LeGrand
Ashley LeGrand
Alexis Feldt

Abbie O'Mara
Jenna Osseck
Carrie Morrow
Tori Gorczyka
Kelsey Payton


Brian Feldt
Scott Feldt
Sam Feldt
Steve LeGrand
Jake LeGrand

Kevin LeGrand
Kyle Whitehead
Tanner Boyd
Ryan Orf
Keith Wickenhauser

Flower Girls

Chloe LeGrand

Alexis LeGrand

Baby Girl LeGrand

Ring Bearers

Jack LeGrand
Max LeGrand
Mason LeGrand

Tyler LeGrand
Luke LeGrand
Ford Feldt



The Versailles Ballroom
Cocktails at 6:00 PM
Dinner at 7:30 PM

Sheraton Chalet

Sheraton Chalet


Sheraton Westport Chalet
191 Westport Plaza
St. Louis, Missouri 63146
(314) 878-1500
Room block @ $109



Cottleville is a small town located west of St. Louis in St. Charles. It is home to St. Joseph's Parish, where Stuart and Amanda both attended grade school.


Westport Plaza is a highly recognized 42-acre business and entertainment district in St. Louis. This landmark destination is conveniently located near the intersection of I-270 and Page Avenue, in Maryland Heights. Westport is easily reached from all parts of St. Louis and St. Charles and is just minutes from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Downtown St. Louis is just 15 minutes away.

Entertainment options popular with visitors and locals include the Backstreet Jazz and Blues Club, the Funny Bone Comedy Club and the Jive & Wail dueling piano bar. The restaurants of Westport Plaza can satisfy cravings for sushi, Italian, Japanese, Mexican and traditional pub favorites.

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